Mini Banters

If you scan through the photos in the Mini Banters section of the photo gallery they almost tell you how the 204th Reunion Society was conceived and brought to life.

It began on the 9th November 2002 with an initial meeting between Chris, Dave and Mike at what was to become a familiar pub conveniently situated off the M4 at Wokingham.

Although we hadn't met for going on 40 years it was amazing how we instantly 'gelled' and many memories were revived from the deepest recessions of the mind.

We immediately agreed to double our endeavour to find other members, and Dave was later proven to be very good at this!




Early progress was so good that in early February 2003 we held another lunch at Wokingham. This time, as the photo shows we were joined by Tez, John, Rae, and Richard.

Flushed with success, it was at this meeting that the Reunion Society was officially formed and Rae was voted in as Treasure and Chris as Chairman/Secretary.

The setback to this was that Rae immediately demanded a fiver 'subscription' from us all!

It was interesting to note that at this point it was the Leckies that led the way with the number of members found.







Barely a month later saw another lunchtime session at Bury St. Edmonds.

In my mind this was a real milestone because in an early entry on the 204th Forum I mentioned that I would really like to meet up with Tez, Johnny Parkin and Pete Winny again, and as this photo show, this was a wish that was granted. A lesuirely lunch followed by a stroll into Bury St. Edmonds to sample some of the local brew.






The next significant lunch meeting from my point of view was back in Wokingham in March 2005, where I was particularly pleased to Pete and Lyndsey Hewitt -- known to us all as 'Taff' for obvious reasons.

Another very enjoyable get together where all sorts of nonsense came to light :)








Following the first major reunion at the UJ Club in 2005 we had by now enrolled many members from 'Oop North' and, as Wokingham was deemed a bit far to come for lunch, it was good to see the Northern guys arrange local get-togethers at Cottesmore (although the photo shows some 'strays' from the south making the effort to cross the Watford Gap!)

To me, these local lunch meeting are as enjoyable as the official major reunions. Good to see you all!