2005 UJ Club Reunion

The first Big 'un

September 2005 was the 40th anniversary of the date we joined the RAF and was reason enough to celebrate with a grand reunion at the Union Jack Club in London.

Now, as a 'country boy' I detest London with a vengance and usually go out of my way to avoid the place at all costs. However the UJ club turned out to be a very good venue indeed.

About 60 of us enjoyed an extremely good meal with very attentive service and all in all a very memorable evening indeed.

The accomodation was also first rate and an added bonus.





Chris gave a very entertaining after dinner speech, reminding us of those early days at Halton, delivered in the humourous style that he's made his own.

This was followed by a group photograph, and yet again more drinking into the early hours.

There are many other photos in the photo gallery.

Sunday morning came with one massive hangover that in true service tradition was cured (or at least masked) by a very large cooked breakfast.